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"To soothe our sensitive skin, Hagadone mixed up a serum containing white lavender, ylang-ylang, and rose, then rubbed on a pumpkin scrub. Her extractions were no-nonsense (and no picnic), but she offset the sting with a charcoal seaweed mask. We left smelling like a bouquet and more than a tad blotchy—we prayed we wouldn't run into anyone we knew. But the redness soon gave way to a rosy hue that lasted for days."

Best Spas for Facials, 2011

Best Spas for Facials, 2011

Beauty elixirs by belle fée

Our all natural elixirs and potions are potent, though gentle, with an accumulative anti inflammatory long lasting effect. Our products are stored in deep purple light protecting bottles that enhance the properties of the botanicals. Their application on the skin feels soothing and healing immediately while their subtle aromatic scent brings instant  uplifting sensation of well being.


Fairy Jewels

Earth to Space light mediating deep into the earth growing, pretty, mathematically sparkly "Fairies". Regular salt (NaCl) is the electrical conductor used by our nerves and it is a crystal. Crystals like Quartz simply clear and cleanse nerves therefore fighting viruses and relieving pain and inflammation.

We have a variety of stylish, yet powerful, Fairy jewels. We use the following crystals for our jewelry:

Quartz, Amethyst, Hematite, Garnet Copper, Turquoise and more



Services & Treatments

Physical beauty through spirit is the motto of our healing treatments for face and body. 

As inflammation and toxins are the underlying cause of skin ailments as well as superfluous body weight, imbalance and chronic pain, Belle Fée (beautiful fairy) offers an array of treatments that balance and enhance energy flow , life force, chakras based on the French lymphatic massage technique, aromatherapy, crystal and light therapy.



Contact Us

Questions about our products? Feel free to Email Daphne at If you are looking for in-house spa treatments or services, please text or email for an appointment. We do not accept walk-ins. Thank You!


Our spa location

Address: 529 W 42nd St New York, NY 10036
Phone: (917) 674 5955