About Us

"My mission is to give women a sense of well-being through an anti inflammatory beauty program based on natural healing with pure plant essences. As an aromatherapist, crystal& light therapist  I work with the purest botanical oils to achieve maximum health&beauty results. Looking and feeling good is all about the link between inner and outer beauty "

- Daphne Seligmann, Founder of Belle Fee

Biography Daphné is from Alsace Lorraine of South of France, Spain origins. She grew up in a forest enthusiast family, her mother being a herbal French cuisine specialist, her brother a plants, stones and birds amateur, now a renown biologist, her father a mountain and forest fan. The entire family was spending all their weekends in the forests of Lorraine which is the enchanted forest of the Sleeping Beauty, rich in berries and the forest of Alsace, the Black Forest of Snow White ,rich in pine. Daphne used to study, play with and mix the forests ingredients as inspired by the fairies. She also suffered from respiratory problems that were cured by pine tree essence, her introduction along her mother's remedies to natural (fairy) healing. She studied biology, chemistry, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage continued with chakra and crystal healing methods. She developed an array of anti inflammatory treatments and products, as inflammation is nowadays the biggest culprit to ill health resulting into serious physical beauty challenges.

Daphne Seligmann

Daphne Seligmann

Belle Fée brings the secrets of French individual beauty to America through herbal remedies, crystal jewelry, massages, facials, and body treatments.

Belle Fée is an exclusive healing spa offering personalized therapeutic beauty and well-being treatment like French lymphatic drainage massage, all natural and long lasting hair removal for sensitive skin, crystal light-lifting facial, Monoi from head to toe scrub and wrap, facials, or sinus relief treatment.

Beauty being the mirror of harmonized health, Belle Fée’s specialty is strengthening the immunity function of skin, hair, body and spirit through the unique properties of French Polynesia and Mediterranean pharmacopeia. Spiritual plants used by Tahitian and Mediterranean women over millennia are the secrets of their legendary beauty.                                                                    

Belle Fee line uses the highest grade, most precious and potent plants to address today's beauty challenge: improper skin  immunity response, inflammation resulting in acne, discoloration, allergies, eczema, swelling, weight gain and premature aging.