Cellulite: Heavy legs, Cellulite, Poor Circulation, Weight Loss

Cellulite: Heavy legs, Cellulite, Poor Circulation, Weight Loss


Belle Fée Elixirs

GRAPEFRUIT vs CELLULITE to boost lymph and blood circulation and detox fatty deposits

CHOCOLATE MINT LEGS & FEET Cream to relieve achy, swollen, cellulitic legs and feet

FENNEL vs FIBROIDS to regulate hormones and digestion

Belle Fée Treatment

Lymphatic drainage massage , the ultimate de-swelling, slimming massage with detoxifying eucalyptus steam to relieve emotional toxins in the lower body

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

 RED FAIRY  Garnet Bergamot to strengthen, ground, heal the root chakra

SILVER FAIRY Hematite Cypress to regulate the thyroid

Herbal teas

Cinnamon to regulate and stimulate hormones, Lemon to gently detox and alkalinize the body, Fennel the ultimate digestive plant that regulates hormones and reduces food allergies , green tea a natural diuretic

Lemon juice into water, Grapefruit juice into water


BROMALEIN the pineapple enzyme that dissolves fatty deposits , RESVERATROL the French wine red grape extract for blood vessels cleansing, CALCIUM hormones regulator,  DIGESTIVE ENZYMES with probiotics to clear the digestive system

Daphne Seligmann