Dealing with Chronic Sinus Pain and Infections

Chronic Sinus Pain & Infections


 Belle Fée Elixirs:

 VS  VIRUS HOMESPRAY to spray on sheets and all over the room

FRANKINCE MIND & SINUS Clearer , anti inflammatory smelling salts to open gently your sinus, use it when you work at your computer or next to your pillow at night

FEET & SINUS Bath Salts, as a foot Soak, sit on a chair with your feet in the footbath and breathe in

IMMORTELLE vs VIRUS to rid the body of any viral infection in order to avoid bacterial infection, as virus destroy defenses against bacterias

All helpful to sleep and breathe better

Belle Fée Treatment

Crystal Sinus treatment , to open up and drain the sinus, spine from inflammation

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

PURPLE FAIRY, Amethyst and Lavender to open and relive the head and crown chakra

SILVER FAIRY, Hematite and Cypress to boost circulation and help remove toxins

Herbal Teas

Chrysanthemum to relieve sinus pressure, Ginger to open clogged sinus, Honey to stimulate the immune system, Lemon to detox and clear gently alkaline and full of VitaminC, Tumeric a strong anti inflammatory, Eucalyptus to fight viral infection and ease the breathing system


OPC3, CURCUMINE all anti inflammatories, IMMUNE  at the first symptoms in order to avoid antibiotics

Daphne Seligmann