Healing Eczema & Rashes

Eczema & Rashes

Immunity/inflammation problem stemming from toxic environment/toxic food. Swimming in the clean ocean/sea is recommended


Belle Fée Beauty Elixirs

YARROW vs ECZEMA, a blend of anti inflammatory/allergy plants, Yarrow is used in the region of Champagne to treat Champagne vines

MONOI de TAHITI-LAVANDE, skin regenerating, fights candida and bacterias

MONOI de TAHITI -ROSE, skin immunity strengthening, fights bacterias and viruses

Belle Fée Treatment

Crystal massage as crystals draw out and clear toxins with lavender full body steam,Light therapy on affected area with Yarrow Lavender blend ,Lavender facial and light therapy

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

Rose Fairy Rose Quartz Palmarosa to soothe emotional stress
Gold Fairy Citrine Lemon to detox the belly chakra

Purple Fairy Amethyst Lavender for a sense of emotional calm and regeneration


Lavender, Rose, Fennel, Linden blossom, Yarrow

Hot water with organic Lemon juice as it is powerful and gentle all together


OPC3 general anti inflammatory ,BEAUTY BLEND a blend of anti inflammatory ops and vitamins more targeted for the skin, CURCUMIN strong anti inflammatory , OMEGA 3 a fish oil that heals brain and the extension of brain tissue: skin, the explains the correlation of stress and skin disorder

Daphne Seligmann