Dealing with Asthma and Anxiety

Asthma and Anxiety


Belle Fée Elixirs

PINE vs ASTHMA, very gentle anti inflammatory for chest and back suited for children
FRANKINCENSE MIND CLEARER smelling salts to ease mind, sinus, breathing and anxiety

FRANKINCENSE vs ALLERGY, gentle anti inflammatory plants in an inhaling tube to use daily all over the body to ease anxiety

MONOI de TAHITI- LAVANDE for daily use as a relaxing, anti inflammatory scented body oil

Belle Fée Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage with Hematite and Citrine to ease anxiety
Sinus treatment to target inflammation of lungs
Light therapy

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

Silver Fairy Hematite and Cypress to open up the throat
Rose Fairy Rose Quartz Palmarosa to soothe emotions
Purple Fairy Amethyst Lavender for a sense of calm and protection

Red Fairy Garnet Cinnamon for grounding and stability

Gold Fairy Citrine Lemon to ease anxiety


Calcium, opc3, curcumin, omega 3, vitamin B


Pine, Rose, Lavender, St Johnsworth,Yarrow,Lemon, Tumeric, Boswellia

Daphne Seligmann