Natural Remedies: Viral Infections

Viral Infections


Viral infections, shingles, herpes, chicken pox, cold sores, flus, sinus viral infection etc. Virus are dormant in the spine and travel through the nervous system.

Belle Fée Beauty Elixirs

IMMORTELLE vs VIRUS, all known plants blend that destroys viruses to use on affected skin areas or in case of flu, on the belly, throat, chest and soles of the feet

VS VIRUS HOMESPRAY to spray all over the bed,bedding,room and house to destroy the flu virus

VS VIRUS LIP BUTTER - Same anti viral plants synergy as a balm to use on lips to prevent and treat cold sores

FEET & SINUS Bath Salts to clear the spine

Belle Fée Treatment

Crystal massage, as crystals clear and detox the nerves

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

Copper Fairy Copper metal Bergamot to destroy Virus and bacterias

Purple Fairy Amethyst Lavender for general healing especially for head sinus clearing due to virus


Ginger, Bergamot as in Earl Grey, Lemon, Echinacea,Eucalyptus, Rose


OPC 3 as it cleanses the entire organism, calms the immune system. B COMPLEX as it strengthens and restores nerves. IMMUNE  to take  at first symptoms of colds, flus, sinus infections

A lot of sleep is recommended, baths with salts, gentle walking

Daphne Seligmann