Natural Remedy: Dandruff Hairloss

Dandruff and Hairloss

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Belle Fée Elixirs

YLANG YLANG vs DANDRUFF , regulates hormones in scalp and clears candida
LAVANDE VANILLE shampoo, all natural gentle shampoo with balancing anti bacterial lavender
FENNEL vs FIBROIDS, regulates the hormones and clears the digestive system to apply on the belly

Belle Fée Services

Lymphatic drainage massage of the scalp, belly and reflexology and light therapy

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

Silver Fairy Hematite Cypress as it regulates the thyroid
Purple Fairy Amethyst Lavender as it heals the crown chakra

Gold Fairy Citrine Lemon as it clears the belly energy from anxiety and candida


Fennel, Rose, Cinnamon, Lemon, Mint to balance hormones, clear candida and bacteria
Apple cider vinegar water, Hot water with organic Lemon juice both candida clearing


Digestive enzymes to clear the digestive system
Multi vitamin to palliate nutrient deficiency
Multi mineral to palliate nutrient deficiency
Calcium to regulate hormones
Vitamin B for hair, skin, nails

Daphne Seligmann