Natural Remedy: Yeast Infections for Women

Yeast Infections


Belle Fée Elixirs

MONOI de TAHITI -LAVANDE to use in intimate areas and chest and back affected by yeast, prevents and treats yeast infections

INTIMACY SOAP to use in intimate areas and all over the body as skin gets affected by yeast imbalances to prevent yeast infections

YLANG YLANG vs DANDRUFF as yeast causes dandruff on scalp

Belle Fée Services

Tahitian facial as yeast imbalance affects and cloggs the skin with light therapy as it destroys yeast. Lymphatic Drainage massage to clear body of toxins

Belle Fée Fairy Jewels

RED FAIRY Garnet Cinnamon to strengthen the root chakra

COPPER FAIRY Copper Bergamot to fight bacterias , as yeast infections imbalances bacterias


Fennel, lemon, chamomile, parsley,  and apple cider water


DIGESTIVE ENZYMES with probiotics to regulate yeast and bacterias balance, CURCUMIN to clear the digestive system and gently anti inflammatory/detoxifying for the liver

Daphne Seligmann