cooling down general inflammation

The truth on green juice and  how to use them

green vs red

but did you know that green vegetables high in minerals in juice form can be overwhelming to the thyroid gland and thus affect weight. Also mixing green juice with fruits very high in sugar like pineapple and carrots can lead to weight gain too.


super cooling simple green juice is cucumber juice, high in nutrients and alkalizing the body, cucumber is not overwhelming to the thyroid gland, gently detoxifying , very hydrating and super cooling

Add ons are mint, able to lower body temperature and a natural antibiotic, lemon naturally alkaline and  yeast killing, parsley , basil another natural antibiotic,cholorophyl for oxygen, green apple is fine to balance the taste

avoid red vegetables like tomatoes, peppers

It is similar to the jogging paradox, jogging can affect the lower back and thus increase lower body weight instead of lowering it. Walking and other low impact cardio vascular exercise that don't overtax the lower back are much more efficient


Daphne Seligmann