Pre and Post Surgery Care

 Pre and Post surgery care tips as surgery is always a trauma that needs healing and attention 


Whatever the surgery is, Drs know and recommend 2 plants extracts that will speed up deep rooted wounds healing : Bromalein , the extract of pineapple and Arnica the homeopathic remedy, both to take internally for 1 week prior to surgery and 1 month after it

Belle Fee offers prime quality Bromalein from Isotonix and recommends Boiron homeopathic arnica 

                                                              BELLE FEE ELIXIRS

LAVENDER vs SCARS&BURNS, the ultimate plant to regenerate tissues and skin, preventing stiff, hard, keloids scars and lessening existing scars, very efficient for burns too as this blend literally makes skin cells replicate

CINNAMON vs ARTHRITIS, anti inflammatory and circulation boosting plants ideal for pre and post orthopedic surgery care

IMMORTELLE VS VIRUS, as this blend treats the nervous system from viral infection, it relieves nerve pain and thus lessens the need for painkillers

MONOI de TAHITI-ROSE, super moisturizing , Rose is the healing plant of the heart, very soothing and regenerating physically and emotionally, Tiaré is the sacred plant of the Maoris extremely regenerating as well physically and emotionally

                                                         BELLE FEE TREATMENTS

Light therapy and crystals chakra balancing massage to optimize energy/life-force

Lymphatic drainage massage, the solution to post traumatic swelling

                                                         BELLE FEE FAIRY JEWELS

PURPLE FAIRY, Amethyst Lavender for healing

COPPER FAIRY, Copper Bergamot protection against infections

RED FAIRY, Garnet Cinnamon let's stay grounded and on earth


Arnica, St Johnsworth, Rose, Lavender, Nettle, Hibiscus


BROMALEIN, the wound healing extract, PC3, powerful anti inflammatory, VITAMIN C always speeding up healing recovery and great against infection


sleep, meditation, walking 




Daphne Seligmann