Save Your Winter Skin with Rose-Infused Creams & Serums



Are you dealing with harsh winter skin? The cold and wind can dramatically dry out, dehydrate and age skin. It is important to nourish skin from the inside and the outside in a holistic manner, as serious conditions like eczema and cracking skin on hands and feet can arise.

Keeping in mind that any vaseline, mineral oil based lotions further weaken the skin and its immune function.

Thank God there are plenty of plants oil that can remedy to the problem. BELLE FEE Elixirs for winter skin all contain important comforting oils and vitamins.

Borage oil, Primrose oil, vitamin E, A and C, Seabuckthorn berry oil, flax seed oil, olive oil avocado, walnut oil, Coconut oil, Rosewater and fish oil supplements are easily available and essential to add to your diet.

Dry Skin Remedies for Face

Creme De Monoi Rose

 Super soothing Calendula, Shea butter, Monoi and Zinc, Rose, Geranium, Cistus essential oils forming a protective barrier around skin and repairing broken capillaries.

Monoi vs. Mummy Wrinkles

Packed with nurturing Tahitian coconut oil, Rosehip, Seabuckthorn berry, vitamin A,C and E, Rose,Myrrh, Neroli and more essential oils that create a hydrating cocoon around your skin while fighting bacteria and such keeping your face breakout free too.

Dry Skin Remedies for Body

Belle Fee Rose Hand & Body Butter

A luxurious and natural moisturizer for dry, sensitive, delicate skin. This butter is filled with anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting properties to reveal the best of your skin.

Plant butters like Shea, avocado, coconut, aloe, almond and more enhanced with Rose, Rosemary, Yarrow and other circulation boosting, anti inflammatory, eczema plants for cracking hands and dry patches on legs and over all.


$195 WINTER SKIN SPECIAL - Rose Value Set

Load up on all of your essentials with our NEW Belle Fee Rose Value Set. This set includes the best of the best for dry winter skin. Enjoy a value set of: Monoi De Tahiti Rose, Eau De Rose Face Cleanser, Monoi vs. Mummy Wrinkles, Creme De Monoi Rose, and a FREE 2oz. Rose Hand & Body Butter. 

belle fee spa treatments for dry skin

Recommended treatment CALENDULA-ROSE HEATING BODY WRAP includes Crystal Light therapy and Rose oil mini facial.

Recommended ISOTONIX supplement with HYALURONIC ACID: OPC-3 Beauty Blend


Daphne Seligmann