Champagne, a true French Beauty Elixir!

What is so special about Champagne and why is it one of French Beauty Secrets?

At Belle Fée NYC, the core of our beauty philosophy is health, spirituality and the French way of life including its elegance and sensuality.

The origins of Champagne stem of the interesting mysterious ways of Spirit.

Champagne, the region's soil isn't suited at all for agriculture and viticulture .

The wines adapted to these  difficult soil conditions by reaching very deeply into the earth and bringing forth into its grapes mineral salts like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and the special bi-tartrate of Potassium, a mineral composite that helps the tonicity of muscle fibers, both the smooth and striated, of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, that means toned inner organs and toned muscles.

Also rich in Phosphorus the mineral friend of the brain and nervous system, Champagne is a naturally euphoria inducing beverage, as well as anti bacterial for both intestines and stomach, and thus great against bloating. Naturally detoxifying it cleans blood vessels and combats degeneration and inflammation, both causes of Alzheimer and rheumatoid arthritis.

There you have all the beauty consequences, flat belly and toned muscles , a happy brain and a good nervous system make for a pretty face. Good digestion and cleared blood circulation make up for a clear, break outs free complexion.

Also as I remember , some of the Champagne makers use essential oils like Yarrow to treat the wines, among others. The actual inspiration of Belle Fée NYC Yarrow vs Eczema. They also told me that Champagne can heal the terminally sick people ( in the age of no antibiotics) and is the secret of their longevity. And it's true life with Champagne is worth living it and a great way to toast a New Year!

Moderation is the key like usual and that's easy to do with Champagne ' s high price.

So enjoy this natural spiritual beauty remedy instead of any chemical artificial substance and for topical beauty care, trust in Belle Fée NYC spiritual beauty elixirs.


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Daphne Seligmann