Extractions are needed for skin to heal up properly

The importance of a deep cleansing facial for a woman" natural beauty.

As it is widely known, women' s hormones fluctuate and are released in the blood stream throughout a monthly cycle basically everyday. The main organ regulating this hormonal flow is the toxins detoxifying liver. When it is overwhelmed and unable to rid the bloodstream of all toxins, the body can release them through the skin of face and back and unfortunately causing acne.

If the root of the problem needs to be addressed by proper diet and heavy metals pollution avoidance such as moving to a remote pollution free, grow your own food island or mountain somewhere, some practical solution is to relieve safely the skin from these toxins buildup that reflect  though the origin of the toxins.

Breakouts, clogged pores around mouth and forehead stem from the stomach, often an acidity issue. Upper forehead is intestines. The left cheek bone reflects the liver, the right cheekbone and both inner cheeks reflect the lungs (heavy metals, air pollution ), the chin reflect the reproductive system on the sides of the chin the ovaries. Jawline reflects kidney problems, adrenaline , toxins due to stress mainly.

The proper way to extract properly these toxins buildup is a deep cleansing facial . Belle Fée customizes facial with different plants and crystals but basically steam, charcoal , hematite stones and enzymes unclog superficial clogged pores and open up pores for deep manual extractions. Once the skin has been relieved, the pores are closed with pure anti scarring french lavender  essential oil and strongly anti inflammatory cannabis CBD oil and bacterias killing high frequency massage, to combat the swelling due to extractions, French manual lymphatic drainage with cooling crystals, followed by anti bacterial Dead Sea  Mud mask and tissue regenerating light therapy . Scarring will be avoided and congestion free skin can heal through the application of cell regenerating synergetic blends such as Monoi Rose facial oil, Tamanu Lavender facial oil enhanced with CBD oil, Rose Tea serum, Lavender Tea serum. And as prevention of clogged pores, Monoi Charcoal Cleanser and Pumpkin vs clogged pores enzyme mask

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Daphne Seligmann