Flu and Shingles vaccine cause viral infection symptoms

Belle Fée NYC spiritual elixirs can help

These symptoms usually reflect a shock to the nervous system, as virus reside in nerves path, such as very stiff neckfrozen facevertigoear ringingjoints swellingsevere sinus pain, foggy brain.

Virus are different than bacterias, much simpler, a segment  of DNA replacing a healthy cell DNA and therefore dangerous and causing cancer. A virus mutates, causes mutation, are at the limit of "something" alive or not, these vaccines can cause the ailments that they are designed to protect from.

10 years ago, Daphné, the creator of Belle Fée formulated a synergetic blend of anti viral, anti inflammatory plants. Interestingly enough these anti viral plants have pain relieving properties and brain and nervous system restoring properties, certainly welcome as virus retreat in spinal cord and affect nerves so much.

The blend is called Immortelle vs Virus, as one of the plant named Helichrysum (Everlasting or in French Immortelle) and reminds us that the Everlasting Immortelle One has always  the healing cure

As an ointment or as a spray to use at the first symptoms of flu and shingles outbreak, or when after a vaccine the above mentioned symptoms arise. Vs Virus Homespray is to be sprayed pillows and on the affected person before bedtime, permitting healing overnight. Also for Vertigo sufferers, spray during daytime as needed.

The ointment Immortelle Vs Virus is to be used on neck, spine, throat, feet soles, abdomen , on cotton balls in the ears and underneath the nose, with a Q tip on shingle sore around the eye but not inside the eye. The pain relief of shingles is immediate, the breakout shortened.

Use both for flu attack and heal up much faster 

For Asthma sufferers or for a flu virus causing a lung bacterial infection, add Pine vs Asthma Balm along a prescribed antibiotic regimen if needed.

Daphne Seligmann