Living with Acne and controlling it

  A gentle and comprehensive approach to treat Acne without further damage to skin, liver  and brain

We know that acne appears at puberty , due to appearance of sexual hormones. In women, the fluctuation of sexual hormones is ongoing till menopause and thus some women have to deal with acne and breakouts for years.

the truth is some women suffer from acne, some don't, their body releasing toxins through skin on face, chest and back and it is a chronic condition like any inflammatory imbalance

Treating it with medication  like birth control pill, antibiotics, accutane often aggravates the causes of acne and can cause further imbalances

A healthy clean diet, individualized is necessary as for any other inflammation chronic disorder

Mainly avoid refined sugar, refined gmo carbs and some fats, notice what fatty foods make you break out as they are difficult  for the liver. Add natural antibiotics to your diet, cooking herbs like parsley, mint, fennel, turmeric and always lemon

it is important though not to dry out skin, rather using all natural anti biotic, anti inflammatory, hormone balancing plants essential oils topically:

 Tamanu, Manuka, Lavender etc as antibiotic plants

Fennel , Jasmine, Ylang Ylang etc as hormone balancing plants

Frankincense, Chamomille, Yarrow etc as anti inflammatory plants

Patchouli, Lemon, Mandarin etc as astringent anti oiliness pants



For face

CHARCOAL MONOI CLEANSER, very gentle, non drying as Charcoal traps toxins, Lemon dissolves oil and closes pores and Lavender kills bacterias/ candida ,regenerates scars, Eucalyptus kills bacterias, virus and oxygenates

EAU de LAVANDE, Lavender repairs skin from any wounds, prevents any scarring, is astringent, calming and regenerating all together, a real miraculous flower just like it's beautiful divine color. Lavender also calms stress, anger and fear in the brain , noting that skin is formed in utero by the extension of the brain protective membrane, the explanation of the link stress- breakouts

TAMANU vs TEENAGE ANGST, a blend of all known hormone balancing, regenerating, astringent, anti inflammatory , anti bacterial plants as well as all natural Retin-

LAVENDER TEA CALMING SERUM, a light very hydrating serum packed with calming, anti inflammatory plants like Camilla(tea), Lavender and other blue plants

CREME de MONOI -LAVANDE, very moisturizing but still astringent cream for maturing break out prone skin with soothing , moisturizing Calendula , anti inflammatory blue Chamomille, hormone balancing Jasmine and healing astringent Lavender. Ideal for acneic skin exposed to very cold climate

For Body and Hair

FENNEL VS FIBROIDS, a great blend to treat both the reproductive and digestive system, which imbalanced function cause acne , excess body hair, oily skin and hair.

MONOI de TAHITI-LAVANDE, astringent and stress relieving as well as candida killing for body, hair and intimate parts, as candida- bacterial imbalance causes acne

YLANG YLANG VS DANDRUFF, a blend of hormone balancing, astringent plants to treat oily scalp but also regulate hormones through the scalp, great for teenage boys


Full  length Light therapy Lavender facial with extractions to deeply purify the skin or 30 min light therapy Lavender session to calm breakouts, lymphatic massage technique to rid the body of toxins and regulate hormones.


SILVER FAIRY, Hematite and Cypress to regulate the thyroid and cleanse the blood

PURPLE FAIRY, Amethyst and Lavender to heal scars and crown chakra

GOLD FAIRY, Citrine and Lemon  to clear the belly chakra


Fennel, Mint,Parsley, Chamomille,Tumeric,Ginger, Moranga, Lavender


A daily spoon of Flaxseed oil to heal leaky guts that release toxins in the blood. Lymph boosting exercise and steam/sauna to release toxins. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water


BEAUTY BLEND, anti inflammatory and regenerating for the skin, CURCUMIN AND OMEGA3 for the liver, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES with probiotics  for a healthy digestive system.





Daphne Seligmann