Weight Loss and Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage with anti inflammatory , circulation boosting, hormones balancing essential oil is truly the french secret to a slim figure and clog free skin.

Often restriction of calories and  increase of exercise doesn't induce weight loss as the metabolism is "stuck" due to inflammation and toxins encapsulated into fat cells as well as poorly functioning endocrine (hormonal) glands like the thyroid and the adrenaline glands. Not forgetting inflamed, full of toxins, leaky digestive system that causes so called "love handles".

Thus Lymphatic Drainage is the key needed to unlock the body potential to weight loss as it unlocks all the above mentioned locks of the body metabolism.


 On multiple levels: this massage technique literally cleanses lymph nodes that harbors inflammation and viruses, boosts the lymph circulation restrained by cellulite, these enlarged fat cells full of toxins like alcohol, drugs (like antibiotics), tobacco residues. The increased lymph flow removes waste from these abnormal fat cells, the essential oils like Juniper Grapefruit etc will multiply the circulation boosting, fat dissolving, inflammation reducing effects of the massage.

 The method

The treatment consists wave like , circulatory movements beginning on the throat and neck around the thyroid gland, followed by hands, arms and especially armpits massage then entire abdomen including love handles then feet and legs harboring water retention due to emotional stress residing on the legs energetic pathways. Ending with detoxifying the spine, neck and the kidneys. Using hands, essential oils and body brushes as well as quartz crystals.

 The benefits

The cellular waste removal of the different organs including digestive system, endocrine system and brain can tremendously lift up depression, foggy brain symptoms, vertigo and chronic sinus infections as well.

The increased flow of lymph removes inflammation from the joints and relieves arthritis. Water retention is resorbed by the body ensuring instant slimming and boosting the ability of the body to shed water retention, essential after liposuction as this procedure is traumatic to the body and water retention forms as a protective mechanism, lymphatic drainage will realign the body to get rid of water retention, 3 sessions once a week is recommended.

Weight loss through all these metabolical activations.

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A morning drink of pink grapefruit juice and water  as well as a daily green tea or black tea with lemon