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Charcoal Monoi Cleanser
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A gentle, deeply cleansing, detoxifying, and refreshing cleanser for sensitive, oily skin.

Eau De Rose

A rose floral water to soothe, moisturize, and desensitize dry, ruddy skin.


Creme De Monoi lavande

Regenerating and astringent sun protecting creme for sensitive, imbalanced, breakout-proned skin.

vs virus lip butter

A protective balm to prevent and treat cold sores occurring on lips, nose and around eyes.

Rose Tea Firming System

Moisturizing, soothing, smoothing, firming serum for dry, sensitive skin

Mud & Monoi Mask

Detoxifying mud mask to deeply cleanse, strengthen skin and boost natural skin immunity

Monoi Cold Cream

A rich and velvety make-up and pollution remover for sensitive, dry skin.


PUMpkin vs. CLogged Pores

An enzymes  peel/ scrub that dissolves dead skin, clogged pores and boosts skin cell turnover .

Creme De Monoi Orange

Firming and nurturing  sun protecting creme for maturing,  sensitive skin


Jasmine vs. dark spots

A serum that corrects uneven skin tone and dark spots  through hormones balancing plants

Monoi Vs Mummy Wrinkles

A precious blend of essential oils to rejuvenate mature, wrinkly, sensitive, and reactive skin

Eau De Lavande

A lavender floral water to soothe, refresh, and desensitize oily, reactive skin.


Creme De Monoi Rose

A luxurious and naturally sun-protecting moisturizing cream for dry, sensitive and delicate skin.

Tea Vs. Puffy Eyes

A light  anti-inflammatory, allergy alleviating  cream to treat under eye dark circles, bags and wrinkles


Moisturizing serum to calm, desensitize and reduce inflammation/allergies/breakouts

Tamanu Vs. Teenage Angst

Regulates hormones, reduces inflammation, acne and regenerates scarring for an even healthy complexion