Home Purifiers by Belle Fée

Frankincense Mind Clearer

Relieves anxiety attack, fatigue, headache by gently inhaling the mind expanding frankincense blend.

Turquoise Copper & Amethyst energy purifier

Eases communication with co-workers and clients, focuses and sharpens the mind and creativity.

Tiaré Spiritual Candle

Tahitian white Gardenia all-natural long-burning candle, all natural tiare flower essence.

Frankincense VS. Allergy

Japanese peppermint, frankincense and more for gentle opening of nose , sinus, mind, brain, spirit and respiratory system.

Immortelle Vs. Virus Home Spray

Ease breathing problems due to virus, allergens present in the home, air conditioning. Great to prevent colds and flu.

Eau De Toilette Tiaré

All natural aromatherapy scent, no brain poisoning with cancer inducing chemical fragrance