Our Philosophy

At Belle Fee we recognize and use the fact that beauty is spiritual as physical beauty stems from spiritual life force

With the aid of fairies (energy quantum) residing in essences of plants, roots and flowers, crystals, stones, metal, clays, salts and  light waves, we restore proper energy flow, throughout our circulatory, digestive systems and thus harvest beauty lent by these fairies to our skin, hair and body. The life force or sparkle of the fairies is transferred to us , nurturing our depleted, inflamed bodies attacked daily by food toxins, chemicals and radiation.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique

This gentle and efficient lymph moving technique brings nutrients to our cells and dispose of cells' waste, nature's way to fight cancer,inflamation and degeneration.

This body work technique results in naturally  glowing strong skin, calm and desensitized, beautiful , lifted, firm facial features, inflammation/arthritis free, unswollen, aligned, slimmed body, relaxed, inflammation free, chemically balanced brain.

Traditionally practiced in France for slimming and anti aging

Traditionally practiced in Italy for well being and mental health


Crystals absorb toxins from nerves and thus the entire body, as regular salt ( NaCl), a crystal too, is the electrical conductor used by our nervous system

Crystals are  literally Earth to Space light mediating ,deep into the earth growing, pretty ,mathematically sparkly "Fairies"

Crystals like Quartz simply clear and cleanse nerves therefore fighting viruses that dwell in nerves and relieving pain.

Essential oils

Essential Oils regulate hormones, detoxify the digestive system, balance the brain, fight inflammation, strengthen the immune system and ease breathing
They are distilled from plants and have tremendous healing properties. Using essential oils for healing purposes is often called aromatherapy, which is a holistic traditional ancient medicine, ancestor to modern medicine seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional, last but not least spiritual health.

Belle Fée Potions & Elixirs

Belle Fée elixirs are formulated to restore skin and body immunity to its optimum level through an homeopathic aromatherapy approach. Immune system imbalance and inflammation are targeted .Regeneration and Cell production are enhanced. Strong, healthy skin, body and hair are beautiful skin, body and hair. 

Belle Fee potions are 100 % natural and of  original composition. Herbs, flowers, essences, minerals,and crystals, all known to strengthen and heal the immune system on every level: physically , spiritually and emotionally. 

Oscillating Light Waves

Oscillating light waves provide to our cells the energy amount necessary for cells to duplicate  and thus regenerate the tissues . Light also detoxify the brain and digestive system from candida that causes depression, as it destroys yeast, candida, fungus.
We use a light therapy device that bio regenerates, repairs, stimulates cells. Healing,relaxing and chakras balancing, cleansing, stimulating.

very efficient for headaches, migraine, inflammation, chronic sinus infection , nerv pain, back pain, arthritic pain, abdominal bloating, scars, burns and wrinkles 


Homeopathy and Aromatherapy

Homeopathy and Aromatherapy are scientific methods that strengthen the immune system through powerful plants diluted in minimal quantities and/or distilled essences. Vaccines have first been developed by Pasteur, an homeopathy scientist. Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory ointments were first all aromatherapy synergies.