key ingredients

Belle Fee line uses the highest grade, most precious and potent plants to address today's beauty challenge: improper skin and body  immunity response resulting in acne, eczema, discoloration, inflammation, swelling, weight gain, allergies and premature wrinkling/aging. 

Monoi de tahiti

Tahitian coconut kernel oil infused with Tahitian White Gardenia. Amazing rejuvenating , hormones stimulating and therefore anti aging , yeast fighting, moisturizing , skin and hair elasticity enhancing properties. Naturally sun protecting and hair greying delaying.


Spiritual, heavenly colored and scented flower which energetical frequency matching exactly cell reproduction energy needed amount, healing burns and scars, spiritually and physically balancing and healing brain and nervous system, regenerating, healing, anti scarring, anti inflammatory.




The most complex, never fully analyzed chemical compounds and therefore most powerful plant , symbol of earth mother, queen of angels, all spiritually and physically healing ( from the heart) flower
Regenerating, rejuvenating, healing, anti viral , anti inflammatory, moisturizing, protecting properties


The belly plant, as it treats and balances reproductiveand digestive system. Regulates and stimulates hormones and therefore anti aging , detoxifying, liver, intestines, stomach, and ovaries healing, therefore anti aging


Tree resin connecting spiritually and physically men to God, traditionally used in God worship and therefore healing brain, mind , spirit and body
Anti inflammatory, anti anxiety, anti eczema , consciousness expander as it contains trahydrocannabinole . Explanation: Frankincense is a Fairy ( heavenly scent) Marijuana is an anti Fairy ( rotting scent)


Tahitian Tamanunut oil with stronganti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory , detoxifying , eczema healing, anti cancer , anti diabetic properties. Natural antibiotic against leprosy, if it works against leprosy , it works against acne and other skin diseases.


Little orange berriesoil packed with vitamin C ,Omega 7,  bioflavonoids with highly healing, immunity boosting, restoring, detoxifying , regenerating, anti bacterial , anti cancer, liver and therefore acne cleansing properties. Natural antibiotic


All natural vitamin A palmitate. Also known as retin-A, deeply healing, regenerating, cell turn over, cleansing, anti aging, acne fighting , properties. Natural antibiotic


A fruit seed oil full of acids especially hydnocarpic acid , an all natural anti biotic used to treat leprosy and turbeculosis bacterias. As it penetrates the dermis, it acts as purifying oil killing all bacterias. Again if it treats leprosy it treats acne and all other skin diseases


Used in modern and ancient medicine to heal wounds