Monoi De Tahiti Rose

Monoi De Tahiti Rose


This legendary Tahitian beauty oil deeply moisturizes, strengthens, and add supplements to skin and hair.

Its properties purify the skin and relax naturally curly and/or coarse hair. It mends split ends, restores the hairs natural keratin, locks in color, and protects from damaging effects of sun, sea, and pool. It also works great for softening dry nails and cuticles.

Ideal for stretch marks and dry skin, as it locks in and moisturizes and provides protection from extreme cold and heat and other harsh weather conditions.

The synergistic blend of rose and Tahitian gardenia in this elixir offers fertility support and hormonal stimulation. The anti-fungal properties reduces excess yeast and its scent makes a great aphrodisiac and sex oil.

Chakra match: HEART Chakra, healing

Apply to desired area morning and evening.

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