Tamanu vs. Teenage Angst

Tamanu vs. Teenage Angst

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Good title for breakout prone skin whatever its age
Breakouts are caused by inflammation,toxins due to digestive inflammation, leaking guts, hormonal imbalance, liver overloaded with toxins,poor lymphatic circulation and plain immune system disorder
Tamanu from Tahiti and its fairy friends plants regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, kill bacterias and yeast, regenerate scarring.

OPTIONAL: All natural Retin-A is also added to furthermore accelerate cell turnover that is sluggish and therefore helping with clogged pores.
No drying of the skin at all, on the contrary, use it as your only moisturizer, regulates oil production too.

Use with sunscreen or foundation, powder containing sunscreen. Avoid during pregnancy trying to get pregnant as Retin-A is not to be used during pregnancy 

Enhanced with highly potent Pharmaceutical CBD oil

matching chakra- root chakra, solar plexus chakra, brow chakra

With Retin A:
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